Kettle magazine Spring 2018

Kettle Magazine – Our printed, student magazine

Kettle’s printed, student magazine is written by student journalists from around the UK. In addition to the incredible content that Kettle produces online, we also create a printed student magazine. The magazine is published every quarter and some editions have a unique theme. Some of the articles can also be found on the website but most of it is unique to the magazine.

Kettle’s printed, student magazine

Kettle magazine Spring 2018


This edition is a bit of a celebration of Spring. It’s been such a long and dreary winter that the onset of spring is like a whole new beginning – a new chapter, the start of a new era, the prelude of an epic adventure…. ok not quite but you get what I’m saying, right?. Contents includes articles written by Kettle writers and editors as well as some special guest writers.

  • The Guardian goes all tabloidy on us
  • Shakespeare and the “Happy ever after
  • Western feminism and real women
  • Why Young Adult books are so important
  • Fashion trends for Spring 2018
  • FAKE NEWS – a matter of digital trust
  • Where are they now – former Kettle editor, Sian “The Elvinator” Elvin

And for journalism students we have:

  • Vital tips for journalism students
  • Tips for reporting news on Twitter

Aaaand there’s loads more besides…..

Order your copy now and a lovely postal worker will schloop it onto your front door mat in a few days time :o)

Digital version

We create a digital version of most of our Kettle magazine too – although unlike the printed version which is available at the beginning of the quarter, the digital version are only available at the end of the quarter.

The digital version contains all of the content that you will find in the hard copy and can be read for free – although we’d much rather you bought the printed version as we don’t make any money from the online editions.

We hope you enjoy the magazine – our writers and editors spent a lot of time ensuring that each edition is as good as it can possibly be.