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Mykonons, kettle mag
A Guide to the Greek Party Island – Mykonos
Mykonos isn’t just a party destination; this gorgeous Greek island has a host of activities to make it the best holiday imaginable for you and your friends
staycation, kettle mag
9 Ways to have a great Staycation
Going on holiday in the UK can be either really great, or potentially the worst and most boring
Greece, Europe, travel, Marie Guglielminetti, Kettle Mag
Getting lost in Greece
Marie Guglielminetti gives us her advice on how to have an awesome holiday in Greece!
Great destinations for a group Summer holiday
A group holiday with uni friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year - here are some tips for a successful adventure.
The Last Royal Capital
Kinga Szilagyi does a follow up on the rest of her trip to Myanmar in February.
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut
Lebanon: Gateway to the Middle East
How to start travelling the Middle East, as a student
travel, gap year, time, Holly Barry, Kettle Mag
When is the right time to take a gap year?
Holly Barry gives her opinion to when it's the right time to take a gap year.
Around the World, travel, Tayler Finnegan, Kettle Mag
Around the world with Tayler Finnegan
Tayler Finnegan reveals her travel tastes and aspirations.
cafe, coffee, travel, South Korea, Kinga Szilagyi, Kettle Mag
An appreciation of the cafe
Kinga Szilagyi reflects on the role of the cafe, and why it is an essential part of modern life.
travel, Q&A, world, journey, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Around the world with Laura Brown
Festivals Editor Laura takes part in our travel Q&A and gives us an insight into her journeys across the world.