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Chanel Spring, Kettle mag
Fashion News - On Fleek this Week
Find out this week's round up of Fashion News.
men\s fashion, kettle mag
Five questions to ask yourself when buying menswear
how do ensure you are buying the right stuff
man pyjamas
3 things to think about when shopping for men's loungewear
a brief guide to help guys choose the right loungewear
Autumn Fashion, Kettle mag
5 fabulous Autumn investments
Ready, set, shop! Autumn fashion is here.
Paris, France, fashion, museum, style, Cristiana Frunza, Kettle Mag
Paris to have a permanent fashion museum
Wait, Paris doesn't have a fashion museum already?!
The flatform trend and how to wear it
Have a look at this trend...
fashion, trends, style, spring, summer, Shonagh Mulhern, Kettle Mag
Fashion headliners this festival season
Festival season has finally arrived, as has the latest trends sweeping the gig-going generation of music lovers. So what sort of garments can we expect to see standing out among the crowd this year? *Cues drumroll* And the line up is..
workout, shoes, style, summer, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
5 of the best workout shoes
Summer is quickly approaching and Stephanie Hallson has the best workout shoes to get you back in to the gym to get that summer body.
Instagram: Unapologetically bribing us into buying clothes
Millie Finn, frivolity editor, talks unbelievably relatable memes on Instagram and the unexpected bandwagons you should be jumping on...
italy, fashion, travel, style, Marie Nieves, Kettle Mag
The ultimate fashion guide for your trip to Italy
Italians are very relaxed and friendly, so you really don’t need to obsess about this. However, if you do want to fit in, try following some of these tips and get some fashion updates, just in case.