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How to manage the transition between sixth form and university
The leap from sixth form or college to university can be challenging in so many ways. Courtney Evans shares her expertise on the matter.
Pre (and Post) Graduate blues
The inevitable fear which sinks in in your final year, and the panic and potential depression which follows graduation, is a feeling shared by many. Victoria Blake shares her experience of the matter.
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5 essentials for students living in a house share
We've put together a list of five essentials that will help to make your student house share experience much easier
It’s okay to not enjoy Freshers’ week – University can still be the best years of your life
Worried about Freshers' week? Becca McAuley reassures you about the pressure to enjoy your first week of university, and why it's okay if it's not your idea of fun
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My degree at the University of Salford
Student Life editor Charlie Bradford-Gibbs discusses her views, opinions, and experiences of university in our brand new student life feature - Personal Profiles.
The strangest things sent in the post in 2017
From a fully plated Roast dinner to human teeth, and even a live goldfish, the British public have shared the strangest items they have recently received through the post.
12 Essential Survival Tips for FRESHERS' Week
Starting university in September? Wondering how you'll survive Freshers' week? Look no further. Here at Kettle we have all the answers...
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3 ways that students can earn money on the side
How students can make money on the side (without compromising on their studies).
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Top tips for saving money as a student
Using these tips will ensure that you do not end up starving at the end of term and unable to afford to go out and have any fun.
7 things to know before your work experience
Emma Thompson spills her top tips to anyone starting work experience.