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Bees, science, extinction, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
The science behind bee extinction
Stephanie Hallson lets us know what will happen if bees were to all buzz off.
women in science
Women's history month: Women in science... Dr Claire Sharpe
Cristiana Frunza talks to Dr Claire Sharpe on what it means to be a woman in science.
SpaceX, science, technology, space exploration, Victoria Blake, Kettle Mag
SpaceX and the future of space exploration
Amid investigations surrounding an explosion, Victoria Blake looks at the future of the program and what it means for space exploration.
bumblebee, climate, economy, science, Victoria Blake, Kettle Mag
The future of the bumblebee
Victoria Blake considers the issues facing bumblebees, including their potential extinction.
honey, bees, science, extinction, Rowan Bennett, Kettle Mag
Why bee extinction is worth paying attention to
Rowan Bennett considers the state of the population of bees, and what happens if they end up extinct.
The planet Jupiter
The facts behind Juno and its journey to Jupiter
Sidrah Zubair looks at NASA's Juno spacecraft mission orbiting Jupiter.
How Brexit will affect the future of British science
Sidrah Zubair explores the stark implications that 'Brexit' will have on British science.
What Brexit means for UK science
The UK has made its fateful decision to leave the European Union- what does this mean for the UK's science industry?
Tim Peake, international space station, ESA, NASA, Joshua A.P., Kettle Mag
Six months on, what has Tim Peake done?
What has Tim Peake done in his six months on the International Space Station? Joshua A.P. takes a look.
Kettle Mag, Lindsay Dodgson, science, policy, politics, budget, environment, energy, renewable, green,
Another unremarkable Budget for energy and the environment
The Chancellor revealed his 2016 Budget on Wednesday, which has caused a fair bit of uproar. Science editor Lindsay Dodgson discusses where it fell flat in terms of energy policy.