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Chloe Smith, Kettle Mag, Flickr, Chester Bennington, Linkin Park
Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Dies
Grammy-award winning musician Chester Bennington dies aged 41. Chloe Smith reports.
Adele, tour, music, Kettle Mag, Jess Holt
Rumour Has It: End of the Road for Adele?
Adele has strongly hinted that she may never tour again. Is this the end of the road? Jess Holt investigates.
Ed Sheeran, tour, Europe, Kettle Mag, Shonagh Mulhern
Ed Sheeran Announces 2018 European Tour
Summer in Europe is famous for warm weather, delicious food and incredible art, but next year, the continent will offer even more... ED SHEERAN. Yes, you read that correctly. The singer-songwriter has just announced a European tour and frankly we couldn't be more excited about it.
10 Songs to Kickstart the Next Revolution
In this time of divided politics, we have come up with the perfect soundtrack to get you through the day. Mica Soellner picks out ten of the best revolutionary songs.
break up, romance, playlist, love, music, Shonagh Mulhern, Kettle Mag
The perfect post break up playlist
Shonagh Mulhern curates a playlist that can help you through a break up.
Summer, sunset, music, tracks, Nour Hassaine, Kettle Mag
Top 10 summer songs of 2017
Nour Hassaine picks out ten of the hottest hits ready for summer 2017.
classic, album, feature, music, kettle mag, matthew gladstone
Classic Album of the Month: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
On Spiritualized's 1997 magnum-opus, genre-twisting grooves and themes of romantic despair and sorrow still resonate 20 years on. Matthew Gladstone elaborates on the album's success.
Shoegaze, music, Matthew Gladstone, Kettle Mag
You're Still in a Dream: The Continuing Legacy of Shoegaze
Matthew Gladstone reflects on the continued relevance of Shoegaze.
Ben Marwood, Get Found, Album, Review, Music, Kettle Mag, Laura Brown
Album Review: Get Found by Ben Marwood
Ben Marwood is back with new album Get Found. Festivals editor Laura Brown gave it a listen and shares her thoughts on the singer-songwriter's latest release.
Amy MacDonald, music, performance, Lorna Holland, Kettle Mag
Gig Review: Amy Macdonald at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Music editor Lorna Holland went along to see Scottish songstress Amy Macdonald performing at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall as part of her latest tour.