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#MeToo, kettle mag,
My thoughts on #MeToo
#MeToo was (and still is) a social movement that became associated with the Harvey Weinstein assault allegations that emerged recently. Originally started 10 years go by activist Tarana Burke, #MeToo aims to raise awareness of the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment, assault and rape among both men and women. The phrase recently came to light due to actress Alyssa Milano tweeting “if you’ve been sexually harasses or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet’.
Net neutrality, kettle mag
Net Neutrality
Should the internet be open and free for all to use or should it be owned by a few private business to chose who can use it, what they can see and how much they should pay?
Harvey Wienstein, kettle mag
#MeToo: Sexual harassment at work in the wake of the Weinstein scandal
Laura Hackshaw considers the implications of #MeToo and how the campaign relates to her own experiences.
Clare Balding, The Guardian, Ginny Dougary, Journalism, Emily Baker
Baldingate: How one interview highlighted the frustrations of journalism
Kettle's Emily Baker comments on the scandal that ensued after Clare Balding was accused of altering an interview with journalist Ginny Dougary.
women, journalism, women in journalism, gender, pay gap, media, Victoria Blake, Kettle Mag
Women in the room – but where did they go?
Throughout the UK, female journalists are generally making less than men. But the gender disparity goes well beyond that.
The state, kettle mag
Review: The State
Upon reading the defense of ‘The State’ and understanding the making of the drama, I felt it only fair to watch the show itself and give an analysis of the show.
Richard Desmond, northern and shell, trinity mirror, express, tabloid, Cameron Ridgway, kettle mag
Trinity Mirror-Northern and Shell merger: a threat to media plurality?
Cameron Ridgway considers the implications of a deal between Trinity Mirror and Northern and Shell amid reports that they are in negotiation.
fixers, journalism, news, abroad, war reporting, Thomas Howes-Ward, Kettle Mag
Fixers: An Unsung Force in Journalism
Thomas Howes-Ward explains why fixers deserve more credit for their contribution to reporting.
Jon Snow, Kettle mag,
Jon Snow was right to highlight media failings on social issues, but only actions show a willingness to change
Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow claimed he felt 'on the wrong side of the social divide' when reporting on the Grenfell Tower fire. Becca McAuley considers how far the lack of diversity in the media is to blame for the lack of coverage on social issues affecting ordinary people.
shorthand, journalism, Kyle Gunn, SQA, NCTJ, Kettle Mag, Cameron Ridgway
New journalism course without shorthand created for disabled student
Kyle Gunn was initally told he would not pass the practical journalism diploma as he was physically unable to write shorthand.