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NYX lipsticks cruelty free Leah Walker Kettle Mag
Cruelty free makeup brands you need in your life right now
Article about top beauty brands that are cruelty free with advice on the best products.
Coping with zero hours contract, kettle mag
The relationship between zero hour contracts and poor mental health
Bekka Chaplin investigates the relationship between being on a zero hour contract and poor mental health following research from the UCL Institute of Education.
Graduation beauty tips
Here are some tips on how to look great for the big day
Top tips for moving into student housing
Worrying about student housing? Jenny Edwards gives her top tips to put your mind at ease.
Gorgeous graduation beauty hacks
If your graduation ceremony is fast approaching and you're stuck for ideas on how to achieve that flawless beauty finish, we've put together a guide on how you can choose a look that will compliment you on the big day.
Review: I Sea Pasta
With pasta being a delicious and convenient food, I Sea Pasta created a healthier version that certainly doesn't compromise taste.
Hidden Sugars: How much sugar are we REALLY eating?
With our love of sweet treats on the rise, it has never been a better time to talk about sugar. Now and again, we may enjoy the odd chocolate bar or ice-cream, but what if we were eating more sugar on a daily basis than we realize, through foods deemed to be healthy?
Halls: the Good, the Bad, and the (really) Ugly
For prospective freshers one of the most important decisions to be made is where you're going to live. Halls of residence are often a popular choice, but what are they really like? Charlie Bradford-Gibbs gives us an insight...
Greece, Europe, travel, Marie Guglielminetti, Kettle Mag
Getting lost in Greece
Marie Guglielminetti gives us her advice on how to have an awesome holiday in Greece!
Great destinations for a group Summer holiday
A group holiday with uni friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year - here are some tips for a successful adventure.