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kettle mag
Why do currency rates move the way they do?
The fx world is such high-paced and diverse that it is impossible to grasp it fully without being an expert in the field... or is it?
toby young, kettle mag
Toby Young is appointed for the Office for Students
Former journalist and free school advocate Toby Young has been under fire since the announcement of his appointment for the board of the Office for Students. Being questioned are his alleged sexist, ableist and homophobic tweets, as well as his supposed underqualification for the position.
Augustus Gloop, kettle mag
Guys unwrapped
You can tell a lot about a man from the chocolate that he eats....
#MeToo, kettle mag,
My thoughts on #MeToo
#MeToo was (and still is) a social movement that became associated with the Harvey Weinstein assault allegations that emerged recently. Originally started 10 years go by activist Tarana Burke, #MeToo aims to raise awareness of the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment, assault and rape among both men and women. The phrase recently came to light due to actress Alyssa Milano tweeting “if you’ve been sexually harasses or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet’.
Net neutrality, kettle mag
Net Neutrality
Should the internet be open and free for all to use or should it be owned by a few private business to chose who can use it, what they can see and how much they should pay?
Health & Safety consultants, kettle mag,
How can health and safety consultants help you?
When running a business, it’s vital that you make it fit to both work in and for visitors to safely browse
Donald Trump retweets inflamatory anti-Muslim videos
On November 29th, Donald Trump shared three videos of violent acts perpetrated by alleged Muslim citizens, originally posted by Britain First's deputy leader Jayda Fransen.
Gin Festival, Kettle Mag, Lauren Wise, Tom Grummett, Craft Gin
Gin o'clock: Gin expert Tom Grummett explains the craft gin boom
Lauren Wise chats to Gin Festival's Tom Grummett about the secret to a great gin, the recent craft gin boom and what the best gin to try is...
Are we witnessing the end of ISIS?
ISIS for many a year dominated the headlines and the battlefield. But it appears they are on a downward spiral. So is is the end for the group that many deemed the gravest threat to global security?
Prit Patel, Kettle Mag
Priti Patel and freelance foreign policy
Did Priti Patel deliberately mislead Parliament?