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Proposal sparks fury in Tanzania
Tanzanian woman arrested after proposal video goes viral.
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Australia votes yes for same-sex marriage
'Love wins' again as the Australian public historically votes yes for same-sex marriage in the country.
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LGBT Faves - August 2017
Even though Pride Month was in June, I’ve decided to try compiling some of my recent LGBT Faves and spread some of the love and pride that people (LGBT or not) are putting out there with their LGBT related stuff!
Rainbow over beach
LGBT+ Friendly Holiday Destinations
LGBT Editor Abigail Porter tells us where in the world is LGBT friendly for holiday spots.
acceptance, closet, sexuality, LGBT, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
Why we should respect people still in the closet
Stephanie Hallson explains why you should still respect people that have not yet come out about their sexuality.
LGBT, pride, sexuality, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
Should other people’s sexuality really matter anymore?
It’s 2017 and Stephanie Hallson argues why other people’s sexuality should not be an issue anymore.
LGBTQ community, Donald Trump, United States, Laura Hackshaw, Kettle Mag
Donald Trump and the LGBTQ community
Laura Hackshaw reflects on the state of the rights of LGBTQ people after the election of President Trump.
First ever person in the US declared ‘intersex’ on their birth certificate
Api landmark achievement for the Intrsex community.
Locked Up With Oscar Wilde.
A new exhibition is to open at the Prison where Wilde spent time due to being homosexual.
Gerda Wegener - Kettle Mag
Behind the Danish Girl: Gerda Wegener's queer art
We explore the art of Gerda Wegener and its portrayal of queer sexualities. Though her spouse, Lili Elbe, is the focus of The Danish Girl, Wegener's art also depicts gender in a radical and challenging light