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Fuck, four weddings, kettle mag,
Four stories & a dilemma
As I sit down and try to think, I realise that despite our different problems, the character, albeit fictitious, and I have something in common– well, sort of.
toby young, kettle mag
Toby Young is appointed for the Office for Students
Former journalist and free school advocate Toby Young has been under fire since the announcement of his appointment for the board of the Office for Students. Being questioned are his alleged sexist, ableist and homophobic tweets, as well as his supposed underqualification for the position.
The telly’s still on...
Most of us have a TV and most of us a license... don't we?
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil wears prada series latest instalment coming this year
The latest instalment of Lauren Weisberger's fabulous chick-lit series is coming this year! Keep reading to find out what to expect from the novel and for a sneak preview.
John Peel, music, culture, media, The Current, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The Currency of John Peel
Alex Veeneman considers how an American radio station is upholding the legacy of legendary DJ John Peel.
Dictionary, kettle mag
Feminism: Word of The Year
Merriam-Webster continued their tradition of choosing a word of the year — and this time, it was "feminism" to take the spotlight. In this article, Rita Cunha — Women's Editor — discusses why this was the chosen word of the year.
Christmas, lights, anticipation
The greatest gift of all... Christmas television
TV editor Tayler Finnegan looks at the traditions of Christmas television, and explores why programming cliches are all part of the fun...
The Best Books of 2017
As this year comes to a close, Rita Cunha lists her five favourite books of 2017.
Augustus Gloop, kettle mag
Guys unwrapped
You can tell a lot about a man from the chocolate that he eats....
Photography, artists, music, culture, Rosina Chalk, Kettle Mag
Why there needs to be mutual respect between artists and photographers
Rosina Chalk considers the relationship between artists and photographers after Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age reportedly kicked a female photographer in the face.