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Follow these 5 YouTube beauty bloggers for the best skin of your life
If you’re tired of reading about beauty and are looking for an easier way to become a skin and beauty pro, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for...
Jacques Pepin, chef, recipe, authenticity, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Culinary lessons for journalists about authenticity
Alex Veeneman considers the lessons from chefs and bakers for journalists and writers.
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graeme
Treasured Pages: The Books From My Childhood I Will Never Forget
Rachael Ince Kitson reminisces on the books from her childhood and tells us which books she'll never forget.
Brexit means Brexit...or does it?
In July of 2016, just days before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May asserted that 'Brexit means Brexit' and reiterated that Brexit will go on as planned and there will be no attempts to stay in the European Union. Fast forward 15 months, and headway to strike a deal with the EU and manufacture a smooth exit seems doubtful.
photo of woman dog earing a page
The Most Annoying Reading Habits
Leah Walker tells us what really grinds her gears about other book readers.
Katie McGrath as Morgana le Fey in BBC's 'Merlin'
Which Witch for Hallows’ Eve?
Zoe Little gives us a brief history of witches in Western literature and tells us how literature has shaped our view of witches today.
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Islamic State defeat in Iraq
Driven out of Hawija: Is the Islamic State down-and-out in Iraq?
Chanel Spring, Kettle mag
Fashion News - On Fleek this Week
Find out this week's round up of Fashion News.
Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire review
Guild Wars 2 takes us back to the Elonian Desert but how does it hold up to our last experience there in Guild Wars: Nightfall.
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Five questions to ask yourself when buying menswear
how do ensure you are buying the right stuff