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italy, fashion, travel, style, Marie Nieves, Kettle Mag
The ultimate fashion guide for your trip to Italy
Italians are very relaxed and friendly, so you really don’t need to obsess about this. However, if you do want to fit in, try following some of these tips and get some fashion updates, just in case.
safety pants, kettle mag
What 'Safety Pants' really mean for women
Martia Dimmer considers the implications of the recently introduced Safety Pants, and their implications for women.
Kettle Mag: Amy Jo Taylor
5 reasons females who believe girls in provocative clothing are to blame for sexual assaults are wrong
Feminist Charity, the Fawcett Society, found that 1 in 3 women believed those who get drunk or wear provocative clothes should share some of the blame. However, many rapist criminals are violent and crave complete power. A Federal Commission on Crime Violence found only 4.4 per cent of all reported rape cases involved provocative behaviour.
Men's fashion
Top 5 accessories men can wear
Style editor Cristiana shares her top 5 recommendations for men...
London Fashion Week, runway
Kettle Mag recommends... London Fashion Week
Style editor Cristiana Frunza shares her views on LFW...
H&M, campaign, fashion, sustainability, Cristiana Frunza, Kettle Mag
H&M campaign to promote fashion sustainability
A first look at H&M new campaign...
heels, women, dress code, gender, identity, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Nicola Thorp, dress codes and identity
Alex Veeneman talks to Nicola Thorp about her campaign on dress codes and the impact someone can have on society.
KettleMag recommends... Bicester Village
One of the most chic places to shop...
How to wear it: fur loafers
Some tips on how to wear the craziest fashion trend...
2017 Fashion resolutions
Our style editor, Cristiana Frunza, shares her fashion resolutions...