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Notebook and phone, profession, journalism, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
Journalism: A stressful profession?
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway considers the results of a recent study on the stresses facing those working in journalism.
Broadcasting House, BBC, journalism, media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Impartiality: More than just reporting
Alex Veeneman considers the journalistic principle of impartiality, and amidst criticism on concerns, why the BBC's work is still important.
journalism, truth, reporting, media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The need for truth in the digital age
Alex Veeneman reflects on the importance of journalism in the digital age, and in spite of all its challenges, why a career in it is so important.
BBC Broadcasting House, media, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
Does BBC radio need more news?
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway considers government calls for more radio content to be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and 2.
The New York Times, media, journalism, truth, Victoria Blake, Kettle Mag
The New York Times' new marketing campaign: 'The Truth Matters Now More Than Ever'
World Editor Victoria Blake takes a look at the meaning and motives behind the New York Times' new marketing campaign.
George Osborne, Evening Standard, journalism, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
George Osborne and the matter of facts
As George Osborne prepares to take the editorship of the London Evening Standard, Alex Veeneman reflects on the importance of the truth, as the line between news and comment becomes blurred in the digital age.
Anti-Trump protesters
A reluctance to report? Trump Administration accused of cracking down on journalists
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway investigates the arrest of seven journalists during Trump's inauguration.
Media Society, journalism, media, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
The Media Society: A great networking opportunity
Cameron Ridgway speaks to Richard Peel, President of The Media Society, about the organisation's role in the UK media industry and the benefits of student membership.
social media, journalism, reporting, Lucy Pegg, Kettle Mag
Social media can help journalism, not just hinder it
In the aftermath of the US election, much anger has been turned towards social media's influence of journalism. Lucy Pegg explores whether journalists can actually use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to report news more effectively?
news, journalism, truth, media, reporting, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Journalism in the post-truth age
Alex Veeneman considers the role of journalism as post-truth is named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, and how we can respond to it.