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Kettle tries... the Fitbit Blaze
Usually I am skeptical when trying new fitness techniques. I started running cross country when I was 13, and have moderately kept up with the sport ever since. However, College and life moved on and my motivation to stay fit has not, this is my experience trying to stay fit, with a Fitbit Blaze.
The amazing benefits of garlic
Do you find yourself getting sick often? Do you get a flu whenever you get caught in the rain, can
Mental Health 101: The Importance of Speaking Up and Speaking Out
A Kettle writer shares their own struggles with anxiety and how talking this through with friends and family has helped me control it.
EMDR: An integrative approach
May interviews Dr Deborah Kingston about this new and innovative therapy...
How To Actually Achieve Your New Year Health And Fitness Resolutions
Got a health and fitness or weight loss resolution for 2017? Here we discuss what and what not to do to achieve your New Year goals.
We need to stop saying 'man up'
Phil explores the phenomena of male suicide, and why society could be contributing to the problem...
5 Exercise Solutions for the Winter Months
Don't let the cold winter months stop you and your fitness goals. These 5 simple and effective tips will keep you fit and healthy all year round.
My Fitness Journey: Outrunning Diabetes.
As today is World Diabetes Day, Steph bravely talks about her battle with the disease and shares her inspirational story about how diet and exercise have helped to keep it under control.
Not so embarrassing bodies: What it’s really like to be ‘nose-blind’
Health editor Hannah kicks off our new feature discussing our weird but wonderful anatomy, by sharing her experiences in lacking one of the senses...
We need to talk about men and suicide
As I’ve seen countless autobiographical posts, artistic photos and poetic quotes over the last few days relating to mental health awareness, I thought I would get involved.