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An Interview with Kelly Reichardt
Martia Dimmer interviews the acclaimed director of Certain Women, Kelly Reichardt.
Film, Awards, Kettle Mag, Liam Taft
The Kettle Film Awards
Our writers voted for their favourite Oscar contenders. Film editor Liam Taft compiles the results.
Trainspotting 2: A Fitting Return
Carrie-Jennifer Cairns reviews Trainspotting 2, writing from the perspective of a born and bred Scot.
Five films to look out for at Sundance 2017
Need an antidote to the awards season? Film editor Liam Taft looks at Sundance's lineup to compile a list of some of the most anticipated films of the year
Review: La La Land
Film editor Liam Taft reviews the Oscar-tipped musical.
Film, Criticism, Reviews, Journalism, Critics, Kettle Mag, Scott Wilson
Is Film Criticism still relevant?
With bite-sized reviews so readily accessible, where do in-depth reviews fit in 2017? Scott Wilson investigates.
Film, 2016, List, Top 10, Arrival, The Witch, Spotlight, Kettle Mag, Liam Taft
Kettle's Best Films of 2016
We asked our contributors to write about their favourite films from 2016, including Arrival, The Witch, and Spotlight. Film editor Liam Taft presents the results.
TV, adverts, directors, film, Kettle Mag, Liam Taft
Five of the best TV adverts made by film directors
With the popularity of Wes Anderson's H&M advert, film editor Liam Taft looks at four other adverts made by some of Hollywood's finest directors.
Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, film, review, Liam Taft, Kettle Mag
Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Liam Taft reviews Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Trainspotting, T2, film, Tom Earnshaw, Kettle Mag
Three things we want to see from Trainspotting 2
Tom Earnshaw considers three things that should be seen from the sequel to Trainspotting.