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Celebrities who have premises on the Côte D'azur
The who’s who of property owners on the Côte D'azur
goat, cute, animals, Frivolity, Jasmine Parr, Kettle Mag
Are goats really cute? I think not...
Jasmine Parr gives her reasons on why goats aren't cute.
Very British Problems
Rule Britannia: Top 5 things about being British
Tayler Finnegan looks at the top five frivolous things about being unashamedly British.
Kettle Mag: Rae Coppola
Women’s History Month: Top 10 inventions created by women
For Women's History Month 2017, women’s editor Rae Coppola looks at the best random inventions created by women, even if their patents were registered under a male name.
Team GB, women's hockey, 2016, Emily Baker, Kettle Mag
5 things that prove 2016 hasn't been all bad
Emily Baker considers five events in 2016 that shows it may not have been bad after all.
Wrapped Christmas presents in front of a lit tree
How early is too early for the Christmas celebrations to officially start?
Alison Edwards talks Boxing day sales and the transition from Bonfire night to Christmas. Here are the five dates that mark the beginning of Christmas celebrations...
Kettlemag political pets
Pets In Office Around The World
The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, Larry, retained his tenure as the David Cameron departs. What other pets live alongside the leaders of the world?
Kettlemag Sarah Goodyer Uefa Euro 2016
The funniest tweets of Euro 2016
Euro 2016 would have been nothing without the witty remarks of the Twittersphere. Sarah Goodyer takes a look at the funniest tweets of the Euros so far.
London bus, public transport, manners, Kettle Mag, Phil Hill
Public Transport manners, or the lack of!
Phil Hill tells Kettle Mag what she'd like to shout at public transport users regarding their manners, in the politest way possible, of course...
Eyechart through glasses, Kettle Mag, Lauren Allen
Glasses v. Contact Lenses
Lauren Allen casts a beady eye over the pros and cons of glasses v contact lenses.