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21 / May / 2014

Game one of the Eastern Conference started off as a victory for the Indiana Pacers. After trying 3 times to get the first game they finally did

Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, NBA, basketball, Ahlaam Ibrahim, Kettle Mag
29 / Apr / 2014

The world of English Premier League soccer is a world that remains mainly undiscovered in the United States. Yet, Manchester United remains one of

David Moyes, Manchester United, soccer, future, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
21 / Feb / 2014

This weekend UFC 170 will go down. The event hasn't been promoted like other

UFC, 170, sport, Las Vegas, Philip Botti, Kettle Mag
10 / Feb / 2014

It’s been decades since NFL fans seen defense dominate at such high level, as we did February 2nd. The Seattle Seahawks arguably might have

Super Bowl, NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Ahlaam Ibraahim, Kettle Mag
01 / Feb / 2014

On February 2, it will be the best defense vs. the best offence in the Met Life stadium in New Jersey. The Seattle Seahawks are set to take on

Super Bowl XLVIII, sport, football, Denver, Seattle Ahlam Ibraahim, Kettle Mag


18 / Aug / 2013

For the public broadcasters of the United States, there is a present state of uncertainty. The issue of its federal funding remains uncertain

public broadcasting, funding, government, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
23 / Aug / 2013

Manhattan has a billion things to do: shopping, theatre, museums: the list is infinite. One of my favorites revolves around food.

New York, restaurant, review, Lucie Couillard, Kettle Mag
31 / Dec / 2013

Anderson Silva is the greatest UFC fighter of all time. For nearly seven years Silva controlled one of the most talented divisions in the UFC. He

Anderson Silva, UFC, fighting, sports, Philip Botti, Kettle Mag
15 / Jan / 2014

It’s getting to that stage of the NFL season again when thoughts turn towards the Super Bowl showpiece event, both from a playing and an

24 / Oct / 2013

Carlos Beltran

Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox, World Series, Philip Botti, Kettle Mag